JK Rowling’s Children’s Book Adapted for Feature Film Adaptation

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JK Rowling has Harry Potter reboot series is in development, but that’s not the only change in his career on the way. The Christmas pigthe children’s book written by Rowling, is now set to receive a feature film treatment. 

In different ways, A feature film adaptation is in early development for The Christmas pig. It is currently being developed in-house for Rowling’s Bronte, and does not yet have a production company attached. This new adaptation will follow Rowling’s Harry Potter books get a movie series with him Cormoran’s signbooks being developed as a TV series Hitwhich has a sixth production period. 

Share a picture of Rodolphus, Bellatrix and Leta Lestrange from Harry Potter.


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The book, written by Rowling and illustrated by Jim Field, was published in 2021. It follows a boy named Jack who loses his childhood pig, named Dur Pig (or “DP” for short), on Christmas Eve. He has a replacement gift, called Christmas Pig (or “CP”), but Jack still misses DP. While searching for DP, Jack and CP embark on a journey to the Land of the Lost in hopes of finding the lost pig. 

Rowling’s website describes the story as, “A thrilling, page-turning adventure about one child’s love for the thing he values ​​most, and the lengths he will go to find it.” find. the world’s greatest storytellers.” 

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The Christmas pig will not be like Harry Potter 

“It’s a good plan and I knew exactly what was going to happen, where and how, before I started writing. The Christmas pig“Rowling said of putting together the story, which was inspired by her son’s favorite game, according to The Rowling Library.The Christmas pig is a magical story, but in a very different way Harry Potter. You enter a world that operates according to its own unique magical laws, and there is magic around Christmas day, but there is no wands and wizards.” 

She added, “Psychologists call these essential toys ‘transformative objects’, which can comfort children and act as comfort to the parent when needed. It’s a kind of magic.” .They may come to us formed, but we make them in our own image, we infuse them with the qualities of our own personality and from our analysis. The Christmas pig.” 

The Christmas pig does not have a set release date yet. 

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