A semi-detached house with a mini theater that the owners have built in the back garden

Many people use the conservatory to relax and enjoy the views of the garden, regardless of the weather, and perhaps also use it as a multi-purpose space that can accommodate dining and working. at home. But of course this house is the only one in Wales where the Conservatory has been converted into a mini theatre.

Former teachers Gwyneth and Hywel Jeffreys spent around £500,000 creating the Hippodrome Music Hall in their conservatory, which included a stage, lighting, recording equipment and even a floor back so that the audience at the back of the “hall” has dignity. vision

In 2013, the now-retired couple told the Daily Mail that they hosted about five concerts a year for family and friends, which included events featuring top artists. Welsh National Opera according to Mr. Jeffreys, including Rebecca Evans, although it was difficult. all Burry Port Male Voice Choir. For more property stories delivered to your inbox twice a week subscribe to the property newsletter here.

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Each event filled a 60-person, 438 square foot theater and would raise money for charity, and the couple even produced their own events. Senior audience members in the past have included Archbishop of Wales Barry Morgan and former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

Former deputy head Mr. Jeffreys would match the shows which would also be ‘flashed’ on televisions in other parts of the house to cater to the overflowing audience.

Following health and safety regulations, the concert hall had its own fire escape, dressing room and toilet and the couple took the comfort of the audience to another level. they are added with air conditioning. 

A semi-detached house with a mini theater that the owners have built in the back garden

Back in 2013 Hywel told the Daily Mail: “We realized that the warehouse was too small for our fundraising purposes so we rebuilt it. It proved to be It’s a great achievement. It’s a fun thing to do with our time since we retired.”

After each performance, the couple edited and produced films of the show, which they sold to raise more money for charity. Not that this was the motivation to do charity work and organize events, but in 2013 the couple was awarded the British Government Medal in honor of the Queen’s Birthday for charitable services.

But now the final curtain has fallen on the Hippodrome Music Hall and this truly unique home is on the market with a guide price of £750,000. It has been a popular lakeside development project in Roath Park and is now being offered, call real estate agent Jeffrey Ross, Roath on 029 2049 9680 for more information. For more property and renovation stories join our Amazing Welsh Homes Facebook group here.1 in 18

And more accommodation in the back yard that no one expects the house can also boast of an attractive location. 

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The house is ideally situated on one of Cardiff’s most sought after streets opposite Roath Park Lake with uninterrupted water views.

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It’s a dining room with a difference – it leads to the Hippodrome Music Hall where former owners Gwyneth and Hywel Jeffreys had a small theater built to put on plays to raise money for charity.

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This wasn’t a karaoke night down at the local bar, this was a small music hall hosting artists such as Rebecca Evans and dignitaries in the audience that included the Archbishop of Wales Barry Morgan and former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. 

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The seats were further back to help with the view, and the 60-seat auditorium also boasted an atmosphere. There was lighting and recording equipment and indoor television feeds for the ‘overflow’ audience. The couple even used to produce a program of performances, which averaged five a year.

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The music hall has a dressing room for the performers to get ready before their main music hall performance.

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The equipment room was now on the other side of the stage wing to the dressing room and more arm space especially for larger groups such as the Burry Port Male Voice Choir.

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Of course the music hall had a toilet which is now a downstairs shower room which serves many people to live in this large family home.

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The couple said that when the music hall was in operation it had two fire escapes to meet health and safety regulations.

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Although the music hall is about 428 square meters there is still a large enough garden to enjoy.

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The star of the show is arguably the back of the house but this much-loved house has a lot to sing about. The hall boasts a beautiful front door and tiled staircase.

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The front lounge is large and has a stunning bay window overlooking the lake and a fireplace which can be converted into a log burner and is flanked by two beautiful round windows with and glasses.

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The family room, also at the front has a cozier vibe but is still large and can easily accommodate the whole family for a get together.

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Now the kitchen is a good size as it is, but if the renovation takes place here and the plan and budget allow you, going into the adjacent dining room makes sense, and it will make it and an amazing and large kitchen-dining room that sweeps most of the back of the house.

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The master bedroom is the largest, with a view of the park and lake from the bay window as well as the bedroom.

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There is a family bathroom on the first floor as well.

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On the first floor there are two bedrooms with a total of three.

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Up in the attic there is an additional space with amazing views of Roath Park from a higher vantage point, perhaps tempting the new owner to create a loft space for a more immersive feel. completely up to them.

(Photo: Jeffrey Ross, Roath)

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